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A bad ultrasound image could ultimately affect a patients care.

Using improper color Doppler gain and scale settings could lead to the misdiagnosis of testicular or ovarian torsion; a potential surgical emergency.

I liked that the image examples had several errors; some that were not obvious! This gave me an idea of how to strategize my thinking for the SPI exam.
— Mateo G; DMS Program, Northern Virginia Community College
With or without taking the SPI exam, I would recommend [UltraSound Skills] to better understand image optimization and how to properly use the control panel for better image quality.
— Amin A; DMS Program, Northern Virginia Community College
[UltraSound Skills] gives you a practical experience on what you may have learned about optimization techniques. It enhances your confidence and decreases your fears about these types of registry questions.
— Nasirifar F; DMS Program, Northern Virginia Community College
As a new student, it can be difficult to practice optimizing ultrasound images while scanning patients. UltraSound Skills allows me to focus on optimization techniques while giving me time to critically think about what needs to be done to improve it!
— Jed C, DMS Program of Denver

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