Clinical Preceptor Training™

These training modules are designed to help imaging professionals and clinical instructors bridge the gap between the role of "diagnostician" and "educator".  Modules are available for both RADIOGRAPHY and SONOGRAPHY professionals!  This module contains information on how to identify different learning styles, effective teaching and communication techniques, and conflict resolution. It is a QUICK and comprehensive program that clinical instructors can complete on their own time or can be presented in a group setting. Effective clinical education is key to a positive learning experience!




Post-test, certificate of completion and  1 CME

After a clinical instructor completes a Clinical Preceptor Training™ module, a post-test and certificate of completion is available!  This also provides a means for accredited programs to provide documentation that "clinical instructorship training" is a routine part of the program's curriculum. Additionally,1 CME is available with this "package" after approval of the completed post-test.

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